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Automate your agenda management process

  • Work in the cloud

    AgendaPal is the first 100% cloud-based agenda management system on the market. Everything runs from your browser allowing you to get running quickly and eliminating any burden on your IT staff. Watch the video.

  • Submit Agenda Items

    Submitting items in your agenda system shouldn’t be more difficult than the process you had before…it should be easier. AgendaPal is so easy to use, practically any user can be taught how to submit items in a matter of minutes. Watch the video.

  • Automated Approval Routing

    Once an item has been submitted, it can be routed through virtually any approval process that you can image. Users can easily make modifications to the item or any supporting documents and push the item through the process quickly and easily. Watch the video.

  • Automatic Agenda Creation

    Typing up and formatting your agenda is cumbersome. With AgendaPal, create your agenda automatically with the click of a button! Watch the video.

  • Automatic Packet Creation

    Most of the time spent creating agenda packets revolves around printing or converting all of the attachments and collating them in the appropriate order. In some cases, this process alone can take hours. With AgendaPal, you can create your packets at the click of a button. Watch the video.

  • Single Click Publishing

    Posting your agenda, packet, and/or minutes to your website can sometimes be a convoluted process typically involving uploading documents manually or even having to get your IT staff or webmaster involved. With AgendaPal, publishing is just a click away. Watch the video.

  • iPad/Tablet

    With AgendaPal, you can easily view and annotate your own personal copy of the packet from virtually any device. Android, iPad, or your laptop; all devices are supported.

  • Live Streaming Video

    Are you still paying for live video streaming? That’s so 2005! AgendaPal can show you how to live stream the video from your meetings for free with YouTube or LiveStream.

  • Archived Video/Audio Linking

    AgendaPal can easily time stamp any of your recorded audio or video so your constituents can access the exact point in the media where a specific piece of business is discussed. All with no IT involvement! Watch the video.

  • Granular Security

    Controlling access to sensitive information is of extreme importance. AgendaPal powers you with the security and permission settings for you to control exactly what users can do and see in the system.

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