About AgendaPal

AgendaPal was founded around a simple concept: it shouldn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to automate your public meeting process.

The costs associated with similar systems aren’t just in the price tag of the software. many systems take a massive amount of customization and configuration and you are still left with a system that takes specialized training to use. Instead of creating just another system, from day one we focused on building a very robust system that virtually anyone can learn to use in a very short period of time. Because we took a true cloud-based approach to delivering our system, we can offer it to you at a price that is far less than similar systems with no hidden costs or fees.

It’s been 3 years since we’ve launched and already hundreds of thousands of constituents are benefiting from the transparency and efficiency AgendaPal delivers.

Some of Our Clients

AgendaPal HQ is located in Austin, TX, the ‘live music capital of the world’ and fastest growing tech hub in the U.S.

For help using AgendaPal, search our Knowledge Base.